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Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Beinvenidos! My name is Christen Malone-Vallecillo and I am a Louisville lifestyle vlog/blogger and real estate agent in Kentucky. I have been moving around this wonderful town for over two decades and let me tell you, I know a lot about this place! My hubby to be Emilio and I live in the heart of this city in the quaintest borough; Germantown with our almost two year old Diego and 10yr old mini schnauzer Penny.

My background started in food service at 18 and quickly grew to management and on to catering director of a major local restaurant group. Like many of my peers, Covid-19 crashed the industry and your girl was out of a J O B. What was worse than losing my cozy, comfy well-paying salary job was job hunting. I was applying to jobs that I knew I didn't want and feeling limited by the pay caps as a result of the pandemic.

So why real estate? How cliche right? Well, the more I got into studying for the exam, the more I realized that this job was actually pretty perfect for me. I love the autonomy and how this is my own business that I can grow and be the boss of. What I believe I have to offer over the droves of people entering the RE market right now is my incredibly STELLAR personality. I'm being serious, I'm awesome! And, I know so much about this town and what makes it tick which makes me an excellent candidate for real estate business and covering everything to do with Louisville.

What are you going to find by sticking around? Definitely not the generic pre-paid blog posts you'll find on other realtor websites. I write from the heart, about things that are important to the Louisville RE market. The best neighborhood coffee shops, gyms, shopping, and navigating the whirlwind of a school system that is JCPS are all the different gems you're going to have access to in this treasure chest. My goal is to help you reach yours with the tools of knowledge and information. Oftentimes, clients would tell me how seamless and easy it was working with me and I truly pride myself on those standards. Buying/selling a home is one of the top stressors a person and their family can go through. In certain cases, a re-location is thrown into the mix. If Louisville is that destination for you, let me help make the transition a breeze for you.

I understand the importance of savoring every moment, the saying is so true that the older you get, the faster time speeds up. My job is to do all the research for you, the time consuming part that you may not have all the time for. Whether you are ready to pull the plug and need a realtor now or you are just poking around and gathering information, I am happy to have you here. I am happy to share all of the wonderful and amazing things that Louisville has to offer and helping you find a place to nestle in and call home is something that brings me much joy.

So tuck in, stay tuned, and leave me a comment below letting me know what you love most about the city of Louisville or what you're eager to learn about here.

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