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Beauty From The Inside Out

This week I head down to Barret Avenue to meet with Kristina Pohl at her beautiful space Eternity Wellness Center. Truly, this space is gorgeous and as soon as you walk through the door you instantly feel pampered. There is a cozy section up front where you and a small group can come in for an IV Vitamin and Hydration Service. Might I add that this is the first (that I know of) place in Louisville where you can get IV fluids and I am thrilled that we finally have a place offering it. Kristina mixes aesthetics with wellness to create a beautiful balance that I believe can appeal to everyone. Not only can you come to the space for treatments and procedures, she also hosts monthly events that bring the community together. Beauty starts from the inside out and having this place to come together and celebrate health and wellness is something that I totally love and feel so grateful to have in the neighborhood.

Book an appointment for a free consultation to see where you fit in at Eternity Wellness. They offer physical exams, ear cleaning, medical treatments, IV and shot bar, plus aesthetic services like injectables, cryo therapy, and a sauna. Im so grateful that I live just around the corner from this incredible place as I can see myself here A LOT! The experience at Eternity Wellness is a personal journey, designed exactly for you. Check it out and be on the lookout for her upcoming events.

Eternity Wellness Center

1220 E. Kentucky Street

Louisville, KY 40204

(502) 512-3723

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