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Capturing Beautiful Moments With Kasey O’Connor

This week I head out to Charlestown, IN to sit down with the master of family photography, Kasey O’Connor. She is a sought after family photographer in the Louisville/Southern Indiana area and I absolutely adore her work. As I think back, I don’t remember where or when I met Kasey but she has always been in my social peripherals. And it wasn’t until I had a baby of my own and needed some photography that I knew hands down that she had to be the one to do it. If you have seen her work before or are new to her style, you will be blown away at how beautiful her work is. I am no photographer and couldn’t tell you a thing about how lighting works but I can definitely tell you how certain photography makes me feel. With Kasey‘s eye and skill, I feel deep emotion (mostly oxytocin) when I look at her photos. We used her to capture my son’s 1st birthday and some fall/Halloween shots and they turned out so beautiful. The only thing she doesn’t do is weddings but if you need photography to capture a special moment in your life, you must hire Kasey.

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