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Celebrating Womxn Artists at Mama Tried Tattoos

This week I am highlighting an incredible Female Artist and Owner of Mama Tried Tattoos in the heart of the Highlands. Lyndi Lou has been living in Louisville for over 20 years now and her shop is coming up on its fifth year in business. She is a super cool person and I really enjoyed getting to visit her shop and getting to know her a bit more. I usually stick with the same tattoo artist myself but I truly support Womxn tattoo artists and want to celebrate more of them in the industry as it is predominately male populated.

Lyndi not only wants to house a tattoo shop but to collaborate with the community and provide a platform for marginalized groups in the tattoo world. Her shop is located in the popular Highlands neighborhood and you can check out her art online or by booking an appointment with her or one of the amazing artists housed in her shop. Lyndi is definitely someone I would recommend you support not only by getting tattoos from her but by supporting other womxn and people of color in the tattoo and arts world because we have a large need for more representation. Check her out for more information!

Mama Tried Tattoos

1052 Bardstown Rd.

Louisville, KY 40204

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