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Feeling Whole With Teeple Holistic’s

This week I’m talking with Sarah Teeple, the owner of Teeple Holistic’s. She is a Womxn’s Holistic Health Care provider here in Louisville, KY and uses TeleHealth to visit with patients from all over the world. Most of her clients struggle with hormonal balance, anxiety, and digestion. Teeple Holistics uses an East meets West approach to help Womxn find a better balance in their lives. Many of these clients have been able to use Sarah’s easy to follow guides to come off of their prescription medications, me included!

I heard about Sarah through my hair salon when I was looking for some major help in my life. I was completely overwhelmed with motherhood and unaware of the ways I could work with my body to achieve my goals. I took her 3 month beautifully balanced course and I am here to tell you, it changed me. She took me in where I was in my journey, and gave me small, incremental changes to implement everyday. I learned so much about my specific body and how best to support her. I am super grateful for her care and guidance and I would recommend her a thousand times over.

See for yourself!

Teeple Holistic’s

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