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Find Your Phoenix Wings At Freestyle Fitness

This week I head over to Freestyle Fitness to chat up TJ Phoenix. As a local, Queer/Trans owned personal training and dance studio for over a decade, Freestyle Fitness offers pole, chair, burlesque, and fitness classes to anyone and everyone. Adults of all ages, identities, orientations, and body types are welcome. In this space Black Lives Matter, Love Conquers All, and Sex Work is REAL work.

A true performer, I’ve had the pleasure of performing with TJ for many years and what her studio offers is really unique to the Louisville area. Its been an enjoyable process watching TJ grow into her wings and really take flight here in both business and performance. If you haven’t seen her performing in groups like the VaVa Vixens or her own group Nerdlesque Burlesque, you really need to do yourself the favor. She has a stage presence and skill level that is truly something to behold. Check out their class offerings and find comfort in the skin you‘re in!

Freestyle Fitness

1825 Plantside Drive

Louisville, KY 40299



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