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Get Yourself Together With The Good Girls

Good Girl Corsets is a Mom and Daughter duo that have swept the Louisville’s Drag and Burlesque scene. Together, Carrie & Deborah Foster have created artful, inspiring, and down right breathtaking costumes. What started out as a corset focused business has spread into the odd and fantastical, they really can make just about anything you can think of. From possums to chocolate croissants, to Katy Perry inspired drag looks, the sky is the limit and you really have to see it to believe it.

I met Carrie and her mom Deb on the burlesque scene about a decade ago and we have been friends ever since. They have always made all of my costumes and are even tailoring my wedding dress. I come to them with the most basic inspiration for a performance costume idea and Carrie’s creative mind immediately takes off transforming my small dream into something that will turn out to be larger than life. If you have ever needed or will need a custom outfit or costume, check them out!

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