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Magic Is Brewing In Beechmont

Womxn In Business Wednesday features one of my longtime Louisville besties, Victoria Stubbs. Today we are highlighting her leatherwork business Urial Magic. Victoria has been an artist of many mediums as long as I’ve known her and it is such a joy to see this vision come to life. Urial Magic blends exceptional leather making skills with Victoria’s creative genius and the results are a feast for the senses.

And I’m here to tell you, she is working some real magic over in the basement of her Beechmont home that she shares with her family. Urial Magic offers leather bags of all kinds, accessories, notebooks, jewelry, and more. Scroll through her Etsy shop and you will understand why you absolutely need one of her pieces for your collection. Each piece is handmade and one-of-a-kind, she even offers custom works so you can get exactly what you want to fit your style/needs.

Victoria and I met late summer 13 years ago and have been super tight ever since. She is one of those soul friends that you meet initially and instantly can‘t live without them. A recognition and understanding deeper than words and language, she is a lifer for me. I am so proud of this beautiful business she has created from actual scratch and watching it grow and become so successful makes my heart burst with love. What she has created is truly magical and to adorn one of her pieces is a gift.

Urial Magic


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