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Master Energy Healer Chloe Devin

This week my interview is with Chloe Devin, a Master Energy Healer here in Louisville. She is a coach, mentor, and creator of events centered around creating inner healing and abundance. I met Chloe through our work with the VaVa Vixens and thought she would make a perfect candidate to interview. A working Mom and true Louisville native, Chloe helps her clients clear out stuck energy in the body to make room for healing, creating, and fulfilling work in our everyday lives. She also curates large events called Soul’d Out where she brings people together to experience dance, sound healing, yoga, and much much more.

Chloe has such a warm, brilliant energy about her and getting to sit down and soak up some of her vibes was such a treat. Its always so refreshing to meet other Womxn and Moms who are in touch with healing from the inside out. People who understand the trials and tribulations of the human experience and consciously working towards healing and community. She is a true powerhouse in our community and offers one on one coaching. Check out her instagram and website to get more information and to get started on your own healing journey.

Chloe Devin

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