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Save the date with Sydney!

I have had the absolute pleasure of knowing this Louisville gem for many, many years as I have performed at many of her events/venues! Sydney Anthony is (in my opinion) a Louisville staple and if you don’t know her, then you are late to the party. Her official title is Sales Director at The Louisville Palace and Mercury Ballroom but she is also known as the resident go-to gal on site and can answer just about any question you may have. From sales to execution, her bookings include weddings, corporate galas, holiday parties and more.

Sydney has been a native party planner and maker of merriment for well over a decade in this city and I finally got to meet her when I was booked for one of her and her husband’s (Matt Anthony of Matt Anthony’s Record Shop) NYE shows at Headliners. You could never tell that this womxn’s job is hard, she is effortless and incredibly joyful to be around. Juggling two huge venues in our town can be no easy feat, but we love her and she is out her absolutely killing it!

If you are interested in venue rental, you can find all the info below:

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