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The Best Bread In Town Comes From Blue Dog

This week I find myself surrounded by big bread ovens and flour hovering in the air. Im at Blue Dog Bakery & Cafe on Frankfort Avenue. I remember in Pastry School, only the best bread bakers in the class would be considered to intern at Blue Dog Bakery. As long as they have been around (since 1998), they have been a powerhouse in the bread and patessiere business here in Louisville. Kara & Todd Hancock are the owners of this fabulous spot in town and they really know their stuff. There are very few bakeries like this in town that remind you of those big city shops and we are so lucky to be able to get fresh bread and pastry almost any day of the week.

I was fortunate enough to attend circus classes with Kara about five years ago and we became fast friends. Her Husband has been the long standing head bread baker in charge of making the BEST bread in the state (according to Food & Wine), anytime I am planning a special dinner requiring bread I’m getting it from them. Not only is their bread the best of the best, their pastries are intricate and unique to the Louisville area. Sure you can always pick up a muffin or scone, but be sure to check out all the wonders they offer behind the counter. Plan your next trip to Blue Dog Bakery!

Blue Dog Bakery & Cafe

2868 Frankfort Ave

Louisville, KY 40206


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