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This Garden Girl Has The Goods

My interviewing journey takes me to the main office of Garden Girl Foods where I sat down with Whitney to talk about Kentuckys FIRST black owned food manufactures! Garden Girl Foods started like many up and coming businesses; the pandemic. Whitney was in catering prior to and with all the extra down time due to Covid, she started a garden in her yard. As she planted these seeds, the ideas of intention went into the soil and set forth a path leading her to a blooming business. Point blank, it was a very successful garden! So much so, that she started canning in order to preserve the ‘over production’ shall we say, of her garden. One can turned to a whole shelf, and a whole shelf of cans turned into a basement full of cans. Around this time of the pandemic, grocery stores were running out of food and their shelves were empty. It caught on that Whitney had a basement full of canned, home-grown goods and the magic really started to kick in!

You can find her canned goods starting to crop up in different shops around Louisville such as Riot Cafe. Visit the grocery market to support her directly where you can get your cans, a hot meal, or a quick salad on the go. Its so exciting for me to see such a unique idea really take off and come to life here in our great city. Whitney has such a beautiful energy and you can tell just by meeting her that she is a powerful force!

Garden Girl Foods

Louisville Central Community Center

1300 W Muhammad Ali, Suite 128

Louisville, KY 40203

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