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Visual Delights With Tatiana Rathke

On this edition of Womxn In Business Wednesday, I sat down with visual artist Tatiana Rathke to talk about her passionate work here in Louisville, Ky. You can hire her for an array of talents such as fine art, photography, painting, installation art and even fashion consulting.

I met Tatiana a couple of years ago and she is truly a delight of a person. Not only is she absolutely gorgeous inside and out, she is REALLY talented. Just stepping into her home office I am surrounded in the epicenter of her creative genius. Beautiful paintings and photos adorn the walls while fascinating art sculptures/masks/hats/etc. catch your eye every couple of feet. It was such a treat to be invited into an artists workspace and get to see where all of their magic comes to life. Don’t take my word for it though, one quick scroll through her Instagram and you can instantly see that she is a seriously talented photographer. I am saving up my coin so I can hire her to shoot me!

Tatiana Rathke

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