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Wellness A Plenty here in the Valley

Of the Valley Wellness is a year old business located in the heart of the Highlands on Bardstown Rd. Jorden Duvall has been a massage therapist for 13 years and has led a life in congruence with a holistic approach to modern living. She started Of the Valley Wellness with the idea of offering an array of services that can meet more than one need. Prenatal body work, doula coaching, deep-tissue massage, reversing imbalances in the body, and personal training are what you can find in this family wellness oriented business. Alls to say, she is one hip Mama!

Jorden and I have been friends for a longggg time and I have had the pleasure of watching her accomplish many incredible feats. She has a lot of knowledge about the body and can guide you to not only feel better in your session, but be able to make changes in your everyday life to benefit your continued wellness. Having that skill is something to treasure in the wellness industry and we are so lucky to have her right here in Louisville! Follow the links below to book your session now.

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