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Growing With The Gals

Frankfort Avenue and Clifton/Crescent Hill hosts some of the best shops and restaurants this city has to offer. It’s one of my absolute favorite neighborhoods! Camille Pase and Aerine Mountain are owners of Grown Salon, in this coveted area code and I am so happy to show off their amazing space. They are both incredibly talented hair stylists with actual hearts of gold and the salon space is such a warm, safe place to come get your hair done. Talk about empowered Womxn!

When you walk into the salon, you are instantly greeted by a beautiful scene of gorgeous plants basking in the giant front window. A gorgeous vintage couch catches your eye and you know you are in a place of nurture. And there really is something to be said about the community of a hair salon. The presence of these Womxn lifts me up and I seriously always leave feeling lighter and brighter.

The intention behind Grow Salon is to be a place of community, where people can come and have their hair needs cared for. Covid has put a major delay on a lot of those plans. On top of the stresses of entrepreneurship, these Womxn are parents of small children. Supporting small businesses is more important now than it ever has been. And while their books may not have as many openings as they once did, there are other ways to support the business. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on anything new happening at the salon.

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