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Millennials Home Buying Guide For Your Plants

Millennials Home Buying Plant Guide

It’s no secret that houseplant popularity has been on the rise over the last couple of years. I can say with all honesty that I do not know the exact amount of $1000s+ I have spent on houseplants. And again, with all honesty, how many have died. OMG! But alas, they make great home decorations, good for the air quality, and its something nice to take care of and watch grow. It really is an enjoyable hobby for many. If you don’t think you have a green thumb, just start small and build over time.

Speaking of green thumbs, it took me a couple of years to get the hang of successful houseplant care. I wasn’t always great at it and a lot of plants died in my efforts to get better at keeping them alive and thriving. Mom has always had a beautiful eye for plant design and a shining green thumb. She was my original inspiration to develop my skills and keep plants as well. If it doesn’t come naturally to you in the beginning that doesn’t mean it can’t be developed into a skill over time. Trial and error is how we come to understand our own behaviors and strategies.

So! You may have 1-10 houseplants or you may be a crazy person like me and are leaning closer to 100 houseplants. But if you have to move every single one of them, things are bound to get hairy and you may have some or many casualties. I have compiled my top tips for moving with houseplants whether it be across town or across the country. My goal is to put your mind at ease when it comes to picking out your babies new home.

Lighting Is Everything

If you keep plants, you understand at the very least how they work. They need light and water to survive.

A quick note about water*

I personally am not near the balling energy where I can afford to have fancy water delivered to my house. I drink that shit out the tap ok. My plants also drink out the tap. If you’re like me and using the tap, consider where you are moving. Are the pipes old? Is the water hard or has a different mineral/chemical balance from where you live now? This will affect your plants. You probably won’t have a ton of control over this which is obviously fine but if you get settled in and your buds start dying off one by one, that might be the culprit.

Ok, back to lighting! A big thing for me is having plants in my bathroom. It makes me happy to take a throne consultation with beautiful greenery surrounding me. And luckily, our home has windows in both bathrooms. When you start out on the home hunting process, it is good advice to create a list of must-haves for your new place. Windows in the bathroom would definitely be on my list.

There is a lot going through your mind as you tour a potential home and you may be forgetting small details. Details like what side of your place the sun rises and sets on or what kind of shade you get from other buildings and big trees close by. I found this out after I had planted a whole ass garden in my backyard only to realize that the beautiful trees giving us privacy from neighbors was also giving us privacy from the sun. Another home I’ve lived in had the biggest windows in the front that were just perfect for nearly all my plants. Not only did the old, big trees block all my sunshine, but it also kept the house damp, cold, and musty. That was probably a good $1000 loss in plants during my stay there. Learn from my sad, sad tales and think ahead!

Bathroom Plant Wall


Another element we may be forgetting on our quest is what type of home you lay your head in. Is it a drafty, older home? How is the insulation on each of your plant specific rooms and how well will you be able to control that aspect? Not only that, but as the seasons change (harder to anticipate), so will the climate in your home. As you crank the heat up for the colder months, you might accidentally dry out your sweet babies and no one wants that.

If you are moving to another state, some of your plants simply won’t stand a chance and it would serve you both well to part ways. I hate to say it, but some of your rare, super difficult houseplants won’t be able to take the change and instead of watching the painful demise of your pride and joy, find a caring friend locally that you could maybe sell or gift to that would be able to keep them alive and well.

Humidifiers are a great way to help control some of your environment, as well as led lamps for some of your lower lit rooms.


It matters a little less if you are getting a bigger place with hopefully bigger lighting. My best suggestion in this situation is to prepare a budget for all the plants you will eventually buy to fill it with. Now if we are talking downsizing OR lateral moves with totally different layouts, then this section is for you!

Plant Desk

If you decide to bring your Brady Bunch with you to your new spot, it will serve you well to plan how you’ll display them and if you actually have room for them. Pets and children add another *fun* element to the mix when making arrangements for your plant fam.

Moving Day

Anytime you make the decision to move your home base, know that despite your best efforts you may still lose a few plants. They won't be able to survive the shock of a new environment and we will continue raising our glasses to the fallen comrades. I feel like preparing yourself now will help with the blow later on. I’m sorry but, you’re welcome.

It is preferable that you drive them yourself in your climate controlled vehicle. I like to move the plants first and place them in the room I intend for them to go. They are fragile, living things.

Shipping them to your new place if you are moving farther than driving distance is an option. I’m sure there are companies that will charge you to package them well and ship them with care. That honestly might be your best bet. I know a lot of friends who had to unload a good portion of their plant collections when they moved across states. I can’t imagine

having to do that but alas, plants come and go with the winds of change and I believe its always healthy to have a balance of life and death. At the very least, plant keeping has taught me that much.

Know that no matter your specific situation, it is possible to move your plants with success. A little extra planning and preparation can make all the difference. And even if you end up with a bunch of casualties or with a fresh, clean slate, shopping for new babies at new, local plant shops will definitely help dry the tears.

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